National Head Office Team

Anthony Mello – Founder

Anthony founded 3 carpet cleaning companies, one small local newspaper (Ottawa’s Coffee talk), a marketing company (Aboveall Marketing), and a travel incentive company and a janitorial company (Canada Clean Janitorial).

Anthony’s mother, Adriana Mello Goncalves, was the inspiration for MJS Canada. Through her hard work and dedication to quality and service, she became greatly valued in her community and was known for caring about others. 

Her work ethic inspired Anthony to create MJS Canada and carry on the tradition of excellence she instilled in him. Fueled by her inspiration Anthony has taken MJS Canada from a startup in Ottawa to a national company serving many companies with the same level of care, quality and service. 


Ozan Karakaya

Regional Manager & Communication Supervisor

As a member of a wide variety of film,communication & media crews throughout my career, I am bringing a versatility to the MJS Canada that will allow you to capture all of your cleaning ideas accurately.

In my current position, I direct-manage all contractors on the  company . My exceptional organizational skills and my strong eye for detail allow me to get best planning & organization for company. My ability to coordinate people and problem solving also makes me a very valuable asset that can be working for your organization’s benefit.

My extensive experience in organizing , administering , detailing attention and team work for specific areas makes me a mandatory for MJS Canada . My skill set makes me available to hit the ground running and organizing every cleaning work prepared on time and as best as possible.


I am ready work for it more companies to give best clean environment for them ! Don’t forget that the best ideas starts with the true communication .


Al Kingsford

Al Kingsford brings years of public relations jobs experience and a team player spirit to our team at MJS Canada. We are really honoured to have someone of his  caliber be a part of the MJS Canada team.


Danny Ford

Danny Ford  brings over 5 years of team management experience to MJS. He has directed teams to fulfill small, medium and large commercial cleaning projects. We are very proud and happy to have him as a part of our national team.


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