Searching for the top rated, affordable maid services Ottawa hotels, motels and long term care facilities use every month?

Do you want the most reliable and trustworthy maid services Ottawa businesses love partnering with in Canada’s Capital region? At MJS Canada we help hotels, motels and long term care facilities with their all of their daily cleaning requirements. What makes the experience with MJS different is our approach to interacting with our clients. We teach all of our cleaning service providers to clean from our client’s perspective. In an ideal state, what would our client’s want to see from us and our service? They have expectations of a good maid service and it’s our job and company mission to overdeliver those milestones with each and every cleaning client we serve.

maid services Ottawa

Our commercial clients have come to expect an extraordinary amount of care put into taking care of their needs above and beyond what they could have ever imagined with their former cleaning partners. Once we devote ourselves 110% to the well being of our clients, it becomes easier and easier to do a phenomenal job on the cleaning aspect. We work harder and harder for our residential and enterprise clients so they don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re getting great value or not, they just know and trust that we will deliver it to them consistently, on time and on budget.

maid services ottawa ON

maid services Ottawa ON

We also offer office cleaning, commercial cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, condo common area cleaning and so much more. If you have not already done so, go ahead, pick up the phone and reach out to MJS for a free estimate now and we will promise not to disappoint you and if we ever do we will stop at nothing to make it right by you. Your search for maid services Ottawa businesses know, like and trust ends at MJS, give us a call, we’re ready to serve!


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