Looking for the most reliable office cleaning Ottawa local businesses and property managers trust for their buildings?

If you want the best office cleaning Ottawa enterprises rely on to physically clean and kill airborne bacteria, give us a call for a free estimate. At MJS Canada, we specialize in office and other commercial cleaning. The only house cleaning we do is for friends and family. The reason is that we can hold our people accountable to an extremely high standard this way as the jobs are virtually the same. We frequently acquire new clients in this part of our business because the cleaning company that is doing the work now is taking advantage of the trust you have so graciously instilled into their company. Showing up late, overcharging or simply not showing up to complete the work on a regular basis as previously agreed upon.

office cleaning ottawa

office cleaning ottawa

At MJS Canada, we stick to our word and show up as we have mutually agreed to, on time and we don’t race through everything so we can go home or to the next job quickly. We have a job to do and it’s our responsibility to do it properly rather than just running around cleaning as fast as we can just to get paid. To us office cleaning is so much more than that. It’s about helping you have a happy and healthy work environment for your team and for any potential external stakeholders when they pop by the office. Sanitation in the workplace is something that have become increasingly more important in the post-covid era for obvious reasons.

We also handle carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, condo cleaning, floor cleaning, industrial cleaning, maid services and so much more!

office cleaning Ottawa ON

office cleaning ottawa ON

We not only provide traditional cleaning services, but we also provide disinfecting vapor solutions that kill airborne bacteria. Instead of sitting around wondering what we should do to protect our clients in a great panic, we went out and found the solution you need to disinfect the air in your building as well. Now it’s not just about clean bathrooms, floors, carpets, desks and boardrooms. It’s just as important for a cleaning company to clean the air in your office. If this isn’t clean, your office isn’t either. If you want the best airborne and physical office cleaning Ottawa businesses know, like and trust, give us a call for a free estimate today!


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