Terms of Payment

If you want to cancel a contract or invoice, Metro janitorial Services requires a 60 day notice in writing. Ιf you do not give us 60 day notice Metro janitorial Services will bill you for the whole 60 days. When you pay an invoice, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of your invoice and this website. In the event of canceling your contract, you are still bound by the payment terms to pay your invoice on the end of each month for services rendered.

Terms of Contractors

Clients, building owners and property managers & cleaners cannot re-contract cleaners that are on contract with Metro Janitorial Services for future work for a period of two years. All cleaners are under contract with Metro Janitorial Services(a.k.a. MJS Canada). If any MJS Canada terminates a cleaner under contract or not under contract, and the cleaners do not return their keys or fobs to MJS Canada  address at 1554 Carling ave unit 14 k1z 7m4 Ottawa on Canada in working condition or do not give a 30 day notice, Metro Janitorial Services will fine them a total of one thousand dollars. Τhis payment will be done through E- money Transfer. Lastly other terms for cleaners are if going on a vacation under contract the cleaner must give 90 days notice of vacation time. Cleaners of our company cannot contact our clients, and solicit for cleaner services, and cannot use any info while working for Metro Janitorial Services, to solicit, to gain work for themself for a period of two years. If done so they will be liable to be sued, under the ontario court system

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